Gencan, elf thief

The third of my gaming group’s miniatures, this one is an elf thief who on the surface behaves a lot like a ranger, including wearing natural-colored attire. I’m pretty happy with how this miniature turned out, especially since it is a Reaper Bones miniature (Elf Ranger Arthrand, #77409). While the common wisdom is to not prime Bones miniatures, if you are using contrast paint, the hydrophobic nature of the PVC makes it hard for the paint to adhere to the surface and will just run completely off without staining it at all.

I realized I haven’t talked much about the D&D campaign and it has waxed and waned the last six months or so. It’s on a bit of an uptick, but in order for that to continue I will need to take some intentional steps about the gaming environment and how the players interact. I’ve likely lost one, if not two players as a result, both of whom I like better than the people causing the problems. More on that, and the campaign, in a later post.

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