Corporate Zombies (All Things Zombie)

While I’m daydreaming about a Colonial/Steampunk/Horror solo game, I am still actually working on the game I’ve been building towards, this time with six more zombies for the horde. These six are from the Zombicide boxed set “Walk of the Dead 2” and I’m calling them “corporate zombies” because they are all relatively formally dressed for this range.

Like the others, they were painted with GW Contrast paints, using the Nurgle Plaguebearer color for their skin. I have a couple an odd wash to add variation in skin tone and muddy up the colors a bit. I tried an experiment that found pretty successful, namely painting identical zombies in a fairly assembly-line fashion made the process go quickly, and with these six I’m almost caught up with my painting goal for the year-to-date.

This, of course, begs the question–how many zombies do I need? I have no idea really, but I feel like you can never have too many….

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