The burning of Furum Hall

The heroes are ambushed by a clockwork minotaur and two buzzsaw-wielding accomplices.

It has been over a month since I have run Dungeons & Dragons with my home group, but we had a chance to do so Friday night.

My daughter’s character, a half-elf mail carrier named Zephyr convinced her friend to accompany her into the mountains on a mail run. Along the way, they discover a destroyed lumber camp. Evidence suggests that the culprit is one of the creatures that escaped Citadel Gallax during the siege in which the PC’s participated. Feeling a sense of responsibility, the heroes decide to follow the trail and put an end to the monster.

The monster is Ulgrim, a fire giant who has discovered and taken over the residence and workshop of a rock gnome artificer named Balabar, who with his daughter Sindri is being forced to create an engine of diabolical purpose. The heroes overcome the residence’s security, rescue the gnomes, and defeat Ulgrim. Unfortunately the attempt to disable the fiendish engine fails and the the heroes and their gnomish friends barely escape thanks to the Unicorn Coin and Nyenda’s speed.

A great restart to the campaign, a perfectly paced adventure, and an epic finish complete with running away from a raging fireball. Good times!

Game night.

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