Xenos Driller Worker

It’s always good to have a few aliens on hand for your skirmish wargaming needs, and I wanted something that wasn’t just a straight Alien homage. So I was pleased to find a set of Zombicide Xenos from their sci-fi iteration. These are specifically the “Digger” xenos, but I do not know the mechanics that distinguishes them from the regular ones. I went back and forth about painting them according to the game’s color scheme because I thought they looked vaguely like lobster-men, but in the end I went with it.

Because these will likely be found on a space station or ship, I forewent the “nature” style base and went with a more neutral gray one. This brings me up to 37 minis for the year, matching the paint total of 2013. I have about six or seven more of these guys to do, which will place me well into my goal for the year.

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