October kills RPG campaigns

You might think that the holiday-laden months of November and December (aka “the holiday season”) are what does RPG campaigns in, but I think the problem goes all the way back to October, at least specifically in my life and experiences.

As a parent whose gaming group is disproportionally made up of either students, teachers, and/or parents, October is the time for Fall concerts, theatrical productions, and sporting events. For me personally there is always one weekend taken up by an annual work-related conference that always occurs in October, plus for whatever reason it is also a popular month for weddings and funerals.

So you roll into the holiday season with Fall break, Thanksgiving, Winter break, Christmas, and New Years already having missed two or more gaming sessions. I have currently had to cancel two in a row, one because I could not make it and another because I lacked critical mass for the gaming group, with the faint hope of getting at least one in November and December.

All of which affects my morale, the players interest, etc. and so often spells the end of the game. So how do I maintain interest, both for myself and the players during this time? I’ve consider just writing up all the notes and archiving them as a sort of yearbook people could go back to time and time again, while simultaneously playing solo games to keep myself engaging in a hobby.


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