Mystic Theurge

What’s not to love about a fantasy miniature featuring someone who is floating, carrying an magic rock of some kind, and has a flintlock rifle? There’s even a magical tome and two short spears. The figure is a “mystic theurge” which is a Pathfinder prestige class that I believe is a cross-class cleric and wizard, but don’t hold me to that.

Confession time: I thought the figure was female based on the hair and slight build, and even thought to myself how nice it was to have a female figure without a heaving bosom dressed in a practical manner. Turns out the figure is male, which I discovered when I went to look up the name online. But that does explain my slightly lighter-toned pastel outfit.

I painted this one in a mix of Citadel contrast, Army Painter speed paint (being careful to watch how I used it) and standard acrylic paints. I really liked how it turned out.

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