More Walk of Dead zombies

More zombies from the “Walk of the Dead” set. While it is a dark photo (and I may try to take another one) these were painted largely with contrast paints, but over gray primer rather than white. It definitely dulled the colors down a bit, which I don’t think is a bad thing, especially with zombies.

At some point I should do something with all the zombies and survivors….

The total for the year is now 61, past 2009 and 2020. I am at over five per month, which is more than my four that I had originally set as my goal. I am happy that the cause of this is my productivity isn’t some sort of crappy situation but rather because I am getting good use out of my craft room. That, and the speed of contrast paints.

The holidays are a busy time for me but I will be interested to see if anything more gets done by the end of the year.

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