Space Station Zero, Challenge 1

From right to left: Radley, Crimson, Kaine, Grimlock, Bucky, Stanicek

I decided to try out the solo wargame Space Station Zero by Snarling Badger Studios. The plot? Whenever a spaceship jumps into warp space, a very small percentage never appear. What isn’t known is that those ships appear in a point in space where there is only a single giant space station of unknown origin calling itself “Space Station Zero.” Those ships and their crews marooned there mostly try to eke out a miserable existence in the outer docking bays, forming a society of aliens from across the universe. A few, however, brave the treacherous halls of the space station in search of alien technology, treasure, and perhaps a clue on how to get home.

I decided on a starting crew of six from a shipping spaceship (who are smuggling on the side). The crew is led by Kaine (Lane’s twin brother), and includes the engineer Radley, the medical officer Crimson, the pilot Bucky, and the soldiers Stanicek and Grimlock.

The first scenario is the game is always the Docking Bay Access Port (Challenge 1). In the case the docking bay has both collapsing floors that are a result of age and three poison gas leaks that could take out the crew is not shut down. The floors may collapse any time the crew takes a movement action, possibly taking them right out of the challenge.

Kaine, accompanied by the reptilian Grimlock, shuts off the final gas leak.

In the end Radley, Stanicek, and Bucky became trapped in the collapsing floor. Crimson was able to stop of the the leaks while Kaine fixed the other two. No crew member was killed, so each gain 1 XP, while Kaine gets 2.

Having survived the docking bay, the crew randomly picks a door, and finds themselves in the Medical Bay (Challenge 5)

To be continued…and comments welcome!


    • No, it is more a reflection of how little sci-fi scatter terrain I have that is appropriate for the locale. Part of the process of this solo campaign is to use the various challenges as incentive to keep making new stuff to use each time.

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