The last of the Raumjager

I took a bit of a break from painting individual figures to doing a small unit, in this case the last of the sprues I have of the Raumjagers from Wargames Atlantic. I tried to use Speedpaints to roughly match the other Raumjagers I had painted before, but the tan turned out to be a bit more orange than I was expecting, and the gray a bit darker. It isn’t a bad look (even a little Halloween-ish) but it isn’t a super match for the others. Perhaps another unit with a different uniform style?

On the upside, this is supposed to be about two months worth of painting, which gets me to 26 figures, over six months of my painting goals by the end of March.

This is not the greatest of paint jobs, but for figures who will likely be NPC’s or faceless minions, it will do.

Which reminds me that I should bust out Operation Last Train again some time…

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