Horned hunter, dwarf paladin, and a gorilla demon

I’m getting caught up with my painting accomplishments on the blog. At this point I am pulling minis out of the bin and painting them up if they catch my interest.

The “Horned Hunter” looks a lot like a pagan deity, a sort of Master of the Hunt or forest god. I painted the dwarf cleric/paladin, along with ludicrously large hammer, with a distinct “Thor” vibe. Perhaps she is a worshipper of the Thunder God. The “Gorilla Demon” is an interesting figure because there is not a clear D&D monster here; the ape demon in the Monster Manual lacks wings, and the miniature lacks the “oomph” of a named demon lord. I could almost see it as some sort of weird guardian creature for a wizard, like a beefed up winged monkey from the Wizard of Oz.

Some mixed painting techniques. The horned hunter was straight painted with regular paints, as was the dwarf paladin, while the gorilla demon was painted in mere minutes with speed paints (mostly two: the flesh tone and the dark gray).

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